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AIS® RapidRead™ gives clinicians greater confidence and improves workflow efficiency when making diagnoses with nearly instantaneous interpretations of radiographs – all while helping manage client costs and evolving the standard of care by leveraging CUTTING-EDGE AI. 

  • Receive rapid second opinion when evaluating radiographs 
  • Provide optimal care while keeping your clients’ costs low 
  • Streamline your practice’s workflow efficiently without compromise 

Use the power of AIS RapidRead to help you confirm your diagnoses and avoid missed findings — all while increasing your own diagnostic confidence. 

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“AIS RapidRead has made such a positive impact! Not only is the nearly instantaneous report a great facet, but the information it provides is priceless. Having the option of an image review to either confirm a differential diagnosis or draw attention to something that would be otherwise overlooked is a huge comfort to me and my patients. Medicine and diagnostics can be subjective, so having access to an objective review is enlightening and makes us better doctors.” 


- Lilly Ock, DVM 
VCA Animal Hospitals Urgent Care 

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AIS by the numbers

AIS has access to the world’s largest library of companion animal stored images — 8 BILLION AND GROWING

AIS RapidRead was trained with over 16 MILLION RADIOGRAPHS, incorporating breeds of all shapes and sizes, including a wide range of films, to gain the highest accuracy. 

AIS RapidRead has extensive quality control measures specified by our faculty of 20+ BOARD‑CERTIFIED RADIOLOGISTS AND DATA SCIENTISTS

AIS RapidRead findings are at least 95% AS ACCURATE when compared to findings by board‑certified veterinary radiologists. 

AIS RapidRead has been widely tested across general and specialty practices DELIVERING THOUSANDS OF REPORTS

AIS RapidRead will continue to learn from our team of experts  

AIS RapidRead only learns what our faculty of board‑certified radiologists and data scientists teach it — and not on its own like other forms of artificial intelligence. As our experts document more findings, AIS RapidRead learns from those findings and interprets all parts of the radiographs based on those.

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 Lifting the Veil on Artificial Intelligence in Veterinary Radiology

In this webinar, Dr. Wilson will explore the science behind Artificial intelligence (AI) in imaging and introduce AIS RapidRead™ — an AI powered radiological interpretation tool that blends the speed and efficiency of AI with the expertise of a team of leading veterinary radiologists and data scientists. You will dive into the quality assurance and control at Antech Imaging Services (AIS®) and dig into the elements of an AIS RapidRead report. We will also focus on understanding the finite reach of the machine vs. a radiologist. Get ready to see real examples of successes and failures that lift the AI veil.